Across the globe, there are increasing numbers of ‘carers’. Studies have conclusively shown that they suffer from disproportionately from poor health, poor mental health, debt, and poverty.

In June of this year, the International Alliance of Carers’ Organisations held their 2nd annual conference in Helsinki.  

Luke Clements, Professor at Cardiff Law School, Director of the Centre for Health and Social Care Law and a solicitor with Scott-Moncrieff Associates LLP (London), was invited to speak at the IACO conference.

Below is a video of the presentation he gave to the Conference.  It traces the development of the Carers’ Movement towards the recognitions of  Carers’ rights and argues that the time is ripe for the Carers’ rights to be recognised internationally as Human Rights.

You can also view:

Short histories of Carers’ Movements in various countries

Interviews with Carers’ representatives exploring various themes










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